Thursday, February 11, 2010

Making Valentine's

Alex was really wanting to make a "fancy" valentine's box this year. He hasn't been feeling well this week and I hadn't really even thought about it until today so needless to say we wrapped a shoe box in red paper and he decorated it...pretty boring huh??
He made the cards and then taped them to rice krispy treats. I think it turned it turned out cute and it's not like he is going to keep it forever so it was good enough!!!
Max was really excited to make his valentine's. He went to the store with me and picked out "sour spray" as his treat...he loves that stuff! He was pretty worried about having to give them all to his friends. He said to me, "can I make a valentine for myself?"
He wrote his name on all the cards and taped them to the spray. He had a great time!!!

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Shannon said...

Seriously, how do you not eat that little Max right up.