Friday, January 22, 2010

St George

We took the kids out of school early today so we could get on the road. Monica got to our house about 12:30pm and we left shortly after!!!
The drive was good, I took a little nap and the kids watched a movie! We got there and went to check into the hotel. Monica booked it online and when we pulled up we knew it was going to be pretty scary! She went in and came back out with a look on her face that told us it was pretty bad!! Rich went in and talked to the guy at the front desk and worked out a deal with him for the hotel next door which wasn't a whole lot better but it was a suite so we had a front room and 2 bedrooms!!! It was really out dated and not the cleanest but it was nice to have so much room!!
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The boys went crazy jumping on the beds!!
We went to pick up our race packets and then went to Olive Garden for dinner. It was so delicious!!! The last few times I have been it has been a little disappointing but not this time, the bread sticks were cooked just right and all the food was really good!! We went to Target and Ross after dinner then headed back to the hotel to get to bed!!!

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