Thursday, January 28, 2010

8 is MORE than ENOUGH

We have 8 kids for the next week!!! Rich agreed to watch the Duvall kids while Steph and Jeff go on a cruise! He is going to do most the work since I have to go to work and he is in for quite a week!!!
I took our kids over there after school, Rich made dinner and they did homework and stuff. Bedtime is a hard time at the Duvall house. It takes alot of trips to the bathroom and drinks of water etc. before everyone can settle in for the night. I am not sure what time they actually fell asleep but I think it is safe to say it was way after "bed time."
I took Alexa and Alex home to sleep so they could get to school in the morning but we will all sleep there this weekend.
I really admire people who have 5 kids or is SO HARD!!!
Hopefully everyone will get along and we won't have any major problems...wish us luck!!!

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