Saturday, January 9, 2010

Baby Drayke and Kenzie's Birthday

Me and the kids stopped by Sule's house on our way to Logan. The kids were anxious to meet their new brother. Drayke was born on December 22 and was supposed to be a girl...what a surprise!!! Yes, his hair is straight, very cute!
We exchanged Christmas gifts and Max and Tayana had a fun time playing together, they are only a month apart but Max is so much bigger than her, she is tiny! We only stayed for a little bit but it was fun to see and hold baby Drayke, he is very cute!!

We headed to Logan and went to Melissa's baby shower. Her sister-in-laws threw it for her and she had a really good turn-out. We stayed for a few hours and chatted with everyone.
It is also McKenzie's birthday today so we headed out to Wellsville for the party. Rich stayed home to help Jeff with some landscaping stuff. We ate dinner and hung out. Kenzie had a great party and got lots of fun there are 2 teenagers in the family!!!
We tried not to leave too late, we got home around 1am. It was a quick trip but we had a fun time!!

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