Saturday, January 23, 2010

Painter's Half Marathon

The race started at 9am and we were LATE!!! We were at the stop light waiting for it to change and saw all the runners starting the race. It took a few minutes for us to get parked and by the time we got to the starting line they had already turned off the clock!! The guy there told us to just go ahead and start and keep track of our own time. It was a little disappointing but it ended up being a great race!!!
The course was awesome, it was colder than I thought it would be but it didn't rain (like it was supposed to) so that was great!! It was fun running with Rich and Monica. Rich ran a little bit ahead of us to "pace" us and we ended up passing a lot of people!!!
It took us 2 hours and 17 minutes which is a PR for me. I haven't been training like I should, I have only run on the treadmill a couple of times so I was really happy with my time!! Rich's ankle was sore so he wasn't planning on running that fast anyway so it really worked out great because he pushed me and I ended up having a great race!! I ended up crossing the finish line first, then Monica and then Rich. Monica's knee was hurting her when we were done.
This was one of my favorite races so far! It was a great course, perfect weather, they had plenty of food and water at the end AND I got to run the whole time with Rich and Monica!!!

After the race we hit the pool...
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It was nice to sit in the hot tub and just relax. We had the place to ourselves so that made it even nicer!! We got cleaned up and hit Chuckarama for an early dinner. It was yummy. We stopped at a few stores and then went to the movie "2012." We got back to the room at midnight and went to bed!!!


corrychronicles said...

Great job! I have been wanting to do the St. George half, but haven't heard anything about it. It sounds like it was a good course, worth repeating???

angela said...

It was an awesome corse ans a very well organized should do it next year we are going to do it again for sure!!!