Monday, January 4, 2010

Hit by a Car

We got the scare of a lifetime last night. We were at Rich's Grandma's house visiting and had just walked outside to get in the car. Rich's cousin pulled up as we were walking out so Rich and I were talking to her and Alex and Max ran across the street together to get in the car. The doors were locked and I guess they were going to come back across the street, I had my back turned to the road talking to Erin when I heard Rich yell "Max, STOP." I turned around just in time to see Max running as fast as he could to try to beat the jeep that was coming. I could see the fear in his eyes and then the bumper hit his back and sent him face first onto the road. I screamed and ran to grab him. He just about made it but not quite. I could see blood in his mouth and on his face. I thought for sure he was going to need to go to the hospital but as I looked at his face there really wasn't a whole lot of blood and he was crying but more of a "scared to death" cry than an "in pain" cry. I could see that his tooth was chipped and his face was scratched up. Alex ran inside and told everyone that Max got hit by a car and Rich's parents ran out as fast as they could and were very scared of what they might find.
Rich was talking to the driver (his wife saw Alex and told him to slow down, so he was already breaking when he hit Max. He had 2 little girls and he was really shaken up and worried that he'd hurt Max) and I took Max inside to wash off his face and check out the rest of him to make sure he was OK. He had stopped crying and I checked his knees, they were a little red but no blood. I asked him what hurt and he just said his face. I moved his legs and arms and he seemed to be fine other than the tooth and the scrapes on his face.
Rich's mom was shaking and was really worried and wasn't as confident that he was ok as I was. We exchanged info with the driver and his family and then went home.
I put some neosporin and band aids on his face and after that he was as good as new!! I thought he might have nightmares or not be able to sleep but he slept peacefully all night and didn't wake up until 11:30am. Sadly, Rich's parents had a really hard time sleeping. I guess neither one of them were able to get a good night's rest, they were really worried about Max. Rich's Grandma said that she is sure that Grandpa Cope was watching over Max because Rich took such great care of him for his last few months here on earth. I am sure he had many angels watching over him and I am SO THANKFUL for that!!!

Rich and I took him to the dentist today to get his tooth fixed and I snapped these photos before we went in. He did so good, he just sat there really still and did everything the dentist told him to do. It helps that our dentist has T.V.'s on the ceiling so he was watching cartoons. He was able to fix his tooth up and he is as good as new!!
I am so glad that he was protected and that it obviously wasn't his time to go. This is something that I never want to experience again!!!


Shortcake and Company said...!!! That is sooo scary and one of my biggest fears! I'm so glad he's okay. He's a complete doll

stacie lewis said...

Okay I'm trying not to cry now...I cant even imagine this happening. I am so glad he is ok Angela! By the way I love your new family photo.