Friday, January 15, 2010

Dashboard Concert...AGAIN!!!

I won tickets on the radio to meet Dashboard Confessional!!! I was really excited and couldn't believe I actually won!!! I wasn't even planning on going to this concert because we just saw them last month but when I heard they were giving away "backstage passes" on the radio I figured I would try to win...and I DID!!!
I took Alexa with me to meet them because she never has and she was looking forward to meeting Chris at the last concert but we didn't get to!! It was a BIG let down though. We got there and they gave us a poster and put us in groups of 10. They sat behind the table and signed the poster and then we got a picture...not that great but oh well!!

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It is good to know that it really isn't that cool to have a "backstage pass." Alexa didn't even dare say anything to Chris. She was all talk, she said she was going to get his cell # so she could text him!!

The concert was in Ogden and it was a free outdoor show, part of the "Dew Tour." There were more people there than I thought, it was freezing!!
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We had a pretty good spot to stand and had a decent view. This was Alex's first concert and he was cold but he had a good time.
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We all bundled up and tried to stay warm!!!
Mel, Dave, Kenzie, Jake, Amy, Jason, Owen, Monica, Amb, me and the kids were all there and it was fun to hang out!! After the concert we went to TGIFriday's.

Rich was mad that I went because we had a date planned so he and Max stayed home and hung out. They went to dinner and test drove a truck and went to Avatar!!

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Melissa said...

Man, I sure missed out! That picture of all of you is really cute!