Saturday, January 30, 2010

"Go to HALE" 5K Race

When I saw an advertisement for this race I knew that we had to run it. It is called "Hale Freezes Over." They weren't kidding was cold!!! I think it was about 24 degrees when we started running.
It was a great race though and I really enjoyed the course. The sun was out and that made it a little nicer!!! It was a fund raiser for the Hale Center Theater.
It was great that they let us in the theater after the race to warm up. I did really well and finished in just over 30 minutes. I am getting there, I want to do a 5k in 28 minutes so I have to keep training!!
Rich had a fantastic race and got 3rd place overall in the 5k. I really wanted him to finish in the top 3 because they had great prizes. He didn't think he could because he hasn't been training that hard and his ankle has been bothering him but...he did it!!! He finished in just under 20 minutes and got 3rd overall!!!
He got a really nice bronze medal that was engraved and the best part...season tickets to the Hale Center Theater!! I love going there to see plays and I am SO EXCITED that I get to benefit from his great skills at running!! He also got some passes to Thanksgiving Point and some free Yoga lessons!!! I am so proud of him!!!
My favorite part about the race was the running shirt we says "Go to Hale" ha ha ha!! I think it's pretty funny!!!
We left the kids home under Alexa and Harrison's supervision. We brought them Krispy Kreme donuts for being such good kids while we were gone!!!

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