Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas

Here is what the house looked like after Santa came. I took a few pictures before Rich and I went to bed.
Here is Max's stuff.
Here is Alex and Alexa's stuff.

The kids woke up at about 8:30am and came in to wake us up!
We had to put up the sheets so they wouldn't get any ideas before we were all ready!!

Santa left the kids each a cute stuffed animal by their stockings. I think they liked them!

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Here is Max, he got some really cool stuff this year. He loved his light saver and especially his "monster truck" that turns into an ape!!! He also got the dragon castle that he really wanted too!! He got a little bit spoiled I think!!

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Alex got some computer and video games and movies, he also some some play dough kits because he loves them!!

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Alexa got a camera and movies and clothes.

All the kids got Zhu Zhu pets. They were the "hot" toy of the year and sold out everywhere. They are little motorized hamsters that make noises and move around!

Here is Rich enjoying watching the kids open their gifts. I got Rich a watch and he got me the same one!!! I had NO idea that he was giving me the watch, he wanted us to be twins. He also built me a white polar bear that says "I love you Angela" (in his voice) when you squeeze the paw. I LOVED IT SO MUCH!!!

We all had a great morning and then we got the car loaded up and headed to Logan!!

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