Thursday, December 10, 2009

Book Club Dinner

I love book club, but I especially love book club in December. This year candace was our hostess and she knows how to entertain. Her house was beautifully decorated and the tables were very elegant and the food was superb!!
That is Candace (the one with the big smile) and Cora. Cora had an accident invloving her eye just beore she came so she was in pain but we are glad she came still!
Here is julie, Machelle and Kathryn on the other side of the table.
Here is me and Kirsten. Some of us were in the kitchen and the rest in the living room. I borrowed these pictures from Tandy, I am glad she got her camera working!!

After a delicious dinner we all cuddled in the family room by the tree and the beautiful fireplace to discuss the book.
Stacy, Melanie, Liz, Kirsten and Machelle.
Me, Tandy and Kathryn
We had to wait for Cindi to come before we could do our "book exchange" game. We all bring a book and then pick numbers and open the book of our choice. When it is your turn you can open a new book or steal one that has been opened alreaady. There was a whole lot of stealing this year and even Liz (who is too nice to ever steal one even if she really wants it) got brave this year and stole a book from someone!!

It was a great night and I LOVE my book club friends SO much!!!

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