Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas in Logan

We had a slow drive this morning because the roads were still a little snow packed. I don't mind driving in the snow I just hate that it takes so much longer to get places!!
We beat the Clark's and so we just ate and talked about what everyone had opened so far!
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Some fun random shots of people throughout the day!

Max and Jake LOVE to wrestle. Sometimes Jake has to have help getting Max off of him. I really don't want my child to be a wrestler but I may have no choice!!
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Jake is usually pretty good about not hurting Max but sometimes he really has to use all his force, Max is a pretty strong kid!

We opened some presents and then we all went downstairs and had a "Bethlehem Dinner."
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We watched the movie of Christ's birth and ate on blankets spread out all over the floor. We ate the things that they would have eaten back then...pita bread, nuts, grapes, raisins and grape juice. It was a really neat thing to do and really made us all remember the reason for the celebration!

After that we headed back upstairs to finish opening gifts. My mom likes to make it last all day. It is kind of exhausting and the kids are always asking "are there more presents?"
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We all got really spoiled by my parents (as usual) and had a great time seeing what all the kids got.

My parents got the kids a...
Wii!!! They have been wanting one for a while now and Alex was super excited!!
Rich got a Wii fit, he wasn't really sure what it was but it is a workout game and I think he will really like it!
I got an iPod touch!! YIPPEE, I really wanted this but was not expecting it at all.

We had a wonderful (tiring) day and I didn't want it to end but as you know, all good things come to an end eventually.

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