Saturday, December 12, 2009

Build a Bear

Amy and I went to Dunford to get donuts for breakfast (it took a long time but it was worth it!). Dave, Jake and my Dad left in the morning. Everyone was getting ready for the day and getting stuff packed up. We didn't really have any plans as far as what we were going to do all day so we did what we always do...sat around for an hour or so deciding.
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We made the most of it and had a photo shoot!!

We finally decided to hop on Trax and go to Gateway.
Riding the train is always a good time, especially when Mel gives us all a pep talk before we get off about "the buddy system" and "not complaining." It was pretty hilarious and we all went in for a cheer when she was done!!
We stopped at the Planetarium for a little bit and the kids had a fun time! We walked around and checked out all the fun things. Max and Owen really liked and it was my Mom's first time there. After, we ate lunch at the food court so we could all get something we wanted. Subway was the most popular choice, I ate Taco Time and my mom had Edo. We were there for a long time and then we started walking around the stores. It was pretty cold and I have all my shopping done but it is fun to be at Gateway with all the lights and music and people!!

Somehow we ended up at Build a Bear. It was all Melanie's fault and it was kind of a nightmare. The kids couldn't decided what bear they wanted to build, it was SO busy, and it's 2 weeks before Christmas...what the heck, Mel??
We were in line forever. I made a deal with Alex that he could build a bear but we weren't getting any clothes!! Alexa really wanted to make one but she knows how much they cost and so she sacrificed, Kenzie didn't make one either so that worked out great!
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Max had a lot of fun building his own bear. He picked the "GI Joe" bear and decided to name him Charlie. He had fun washing him and brushing his fur.
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Owen really loved making his too.
Alex went with the frog after changing his mind several times.
After at least 2 hours we were finally ready to leave! WOW that took forever!!!
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We got back on Trax and headed back to Little America because that is where our cars are. The Harris's left to go to Target and somehow we got seperated into 2 groups. Me, Melissa, Amb, Alexa, Alex and Kenzie and Max sat in the lobby and listened to a guy playing Christmas Carols on the piano for a little bit wondering where everyone else was. They decided to go to Grand America and look at the rooms, I guess Rich asked if they could have a tour. We met them over there and there was a gingerbread house festival so we walked around and looked at them for a bit. They were pretty amazing.
It was getting late and everyone was hungry. It had been snowing most the day in Logan so mom was worried about driving home. Melissa wanted to leave so she took Amb and they left. We also decided to go. My mom, Melanie, Monica, Kenzie, Brooklyn and Brinlie stayed another night.
We stopped at Fazzoli's for dinner on our way home and then stopped by this house in Lindon that had Christmas lights arranged to music, it was awesome!!!
We had a great weekend and I love being able to spend time with my family!!

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