Monday, December 7, 2009

Annual Cope Grandkids Christmas Party

Rich's parents have this tradition that is so much fun!! Everyone looks forward to it all year!!
We get together usually on the first Monday of December for Family Home Evening. We eat dinner, this year we had a few different soups and they were really tasty!!!
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The kids usually do a craft project. We have done different things in the past like making gingerbread houses but this year the kids decorated an ornament. They had a good time with the stickers and the glitter glue, even the "big kids" had fun making one!!
Then Carrie read a few Christmas stories to the kids and we sang a few Christmas Carols while we waited for our special visitor!!!

He finally arrived and I bet you already knew who it was...SANTA CLAUS!!!
We go from youngest to oldest. Max loved sitting on Santa's lap and asked him for a new Transformer and a Light Saver (from Star Wars).
I am not sure what Alex asked for, I think he asked for Ice Cream Play Dough or maybe an iPod Touch.
Alexa asked him for a camera and Santa really liked Alexa so I think she will get one for sure!!!
Here is our cute family posing with Santa. Sometimes Santa has the adults sit on his lap too, but not this year!!

It was a really fun night and I think it is so great of the Cope's to have this fun night for the kids and families every year!!!
Rich's mom always gives us Christmas books too, which I love!!!

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