Friday, December 4, 2009

Dashboard Confessional Concert

Monica gave us tickets for the Dashboard concert for our birthdays this year. Me, Melanie, Amberly and Alexa. Amy bought a ticket for herself and came along too!!!
We met in Salt Lake and went to Olive Garden for was pretty tasty as usual! We went to the Gateway to a few stores after dinner to kill some time!
The concert was in the same place as last time, a club in downtown Salt Lake. We didn't have the best view but it was good enough. Amb and Monica were up closer than the rest of us.
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It was just Chris and Jon and not the whole band, it was an acoustic concert and it was amazing!!! We had a great time.
We waited after the show to try to talk to Chris again. Jon came out and was talking to us for a long time and told us that he would tell Chris to come say Hi. We waited in the club for a while but it was gay/lesbian night and they started flocking in the club and we just had to leave! Alexa got an eyeful and I am sure she didn't need to see any of the things she saw!!
We waited outside and it was freezing cold!! We waited and waited and he never came out!! It was really disappointing and I am pretty mad at Chris right now!!

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