Friday, December 11, 2009

Little America

Me and the kids picked Rich up from work and headed up to Salt Lake to stay at Little America with my whole family!! Unfortunately Rich had some bad news when he got in the car...he was laid off, AGAIN! This time at least he knew it was probably coming and he was miserable in this job anyway but still 2 weeks before Christmas...never good news! We talked the whole way up there about it and he is fine, he is just really frustrated with the guy that hired him (and lied to him) and just the timing and the fact that there are really no jobs out there right now. We will be OK and we still managed to have ourselves some fun!!!

We all stayed in Tower rooms (if you have stayed at Little America before then you know that a Tower room is better than the Garden rooms). Everyone was here except for Steve, he is trying to get their basement finished!! The Clark's had tickets to the concert at the Conference Center so they left for that and the rest of us hit McDonald's for dinner. We had way too many little kids to try a sit down place!
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One of my favorite things about the Little America is the lobby. I love the fireplace, so after we got back from dinner we took a few minutes to warm up by the fire.
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Another thing I love at Little America is the pool!! Everyone but my Mom and Rich swam and we all had a great time. Max even learned to swim with arm floaties!! He took swim lessons but he is still a little bit reluctant when it comes to swimming. I was showing him how to use the floaties and the tube and once he dared try it he had a blast!!!
The Clark's got back in time to swim for a little while too. Alexa, Kenzie, Jake and Alex kept going outside and doing polar made me cold watching them! The pool was heated and was pretty comfortable, the hot tub was scalding hot!!! We swam until they closed the pool and then we all went back up to our rooms and watched TV and ate baby oranges (thanks Melissa) and treats. The kids were pretty tired so it wasn't too hard to put them to bed!

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