Thursday, February 12, 2009

See How He Sleeps

For the last few months Max has been "falling asleep" in our bed and then we move him into his own room when we are ready for bed. I don't really know what happened, he used to just go in his bed and we turned on his fish night light and he was just fine but now he always wants to fall asleep in our bed.
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We give him his milk and he usually asks to read his books or take a toy with him. He chooses different things all the time, sometimes it's his cars or his soccer ball or books or his "guys" etc. Last night he asked Rich for his "football helmet" you might be looking at this picture helmet?? He has a real baseball helmet that I figured could act as either baseball or football but that was really dumb for me to think I could try to pass off a baseball helmet for a football Maxwell is too smart for that.
Well, since he doesn't have a real football helmet he decided to make the best of his situation so he calls this knights helmet I got at Dollar Tree his "football helmet," so he had his books, milk and helmet when we put him to bed.
I went in to get ready for bed and started laughing so loud (I am surprised that he didn't wake up). I went and got Rich and the camera so I could document how silly my little man is. Just a side note when I took the helmet off him it was pretty wet with slobber (Rich was just grateful it was in the helmet and not on his pillow)!!!


Janean said...

That is so funny! I love funny sleeping positions.

Jen B. said...

That is a keeper!! His dates will love to see that one later on!!! Soooo Cute!

Jennifer said...

What a cute picture! That does not look very comfortable I don't know how we fell asleep with that on his head!

Melissa said...

He is too crazy!!!

Shannon said...