Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Max making his Valentines!!!

Max is having a Valentines party at preschool tomorrow so we spent the evening getting his treats ready. He was really excited about giving these to his friends and was very helpful.

I thought he would help me for a minute and then get bored with it but he stayed the whole time and put all the candy in the bags and then he put the cards in too.
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He kept asking me "these cards for my friends?" and I had to keep telling him "yes, Max you are having a valentine party at school tomorrow and these are for your friends." Then he would get really excited and a few minutes later he would ask me again.


Shannon said...

Hallie loved her bag full of candy from Max. He's getting way to big.

Amy said...

that is cute. i love valentine parties. can't wait to have one with you this weekend!