Saturday, February 14, 2009


Our day started off the way it always does when we are in Logan...with a trip to the bakery for chocolate cinnamon rolls and maple bars. Alexa tagged along with me and my Dad. Rich went for a run (even though I tried to convince him it was a holiday)!!
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We didn't really do a whole lot throughout the day, I took a trip to the sock factory and we made sugar cookies. My mom needed everyone out of the house for a while so she could get things ready so we all went to a few stores.
When we came back the table was all ready and it looked like a different house. We had a yummy steak dinner with baked potatoes and jello and rolls. Thanks so much mom and dad for cooking such a great meal for us!
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We cleaned up dinner and then took some self portraits and funny pictures...its just something that we always have to do!!!

Here is our cute sister picture but we are missing Mel cause her family was in Salt Lake. We missed you Clarks!
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Then it was present time. Usually "Cupid" comes and rings the doorbell and leaves stuff on the porch, but since I have never done the "cupid" thing with my kids we just cut right to the chase.
I probably went a little overboard, I mean it is just Valentines Day but...
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Alexa got a sweater and some treats and I got Rock Band 2 for Alexa and Alex to share along with new memory cards. My parents gave her a cute shower wrap that she is wearing over her clothes and a bead curtain thing for her doorway.
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Alex got some shoes and treats. My parents gave him a case for his DS and an American Idol game.
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Max got pretty spoiled (just because I found great deals on the toys). He was so excited to get his new cars and football. He carried his toys around in the bag all night. My parents gave him a tiger stuffed animal and "the HULKY pokey" yes it is the Hulk and he does the hulky is pretty cute and he loved it!!
We had a great time and I am so grateful for all the "sweethearts" in my life!!!

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