Thursday, February 12, 2009

My Valentine Treats

I am going to confess...I am a terrible visiting teacher. I always have been, but I will get better. A few months ago I got a new partner and route and I was SO excited because I LOVE my partner and all the women on my route are really great sisters that I know and love.
The problem is...we have never been out to visit them yet! I had an idea about this cute little valentine gift and thought that would be a perfect way to "apologize" to our sisters that we visit teach and let them know that we think about them and love them and we WILL be better at coming.
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So I picked up Kirsten and we dropped by our 3 houses and chatted for a few minutes and now the pressure is on to follow through since we told them we would...and it's just the right thing to do!!
I decided that they turned out so cute that I would make them for all of mine and Rich's families (I think I made like 18 of these but it was fun and I hope everyone enjoyed them).


Jen B. said...

How cute!! And oh, so, yummy!! Wish I was on your route!! :)

Jennifer said...

I loved this Valentine gift. It was so cute, and very tasty (yes, I cheated on my diet to eat this yummy treat)! Thank you for making my family one, we all really enjoyed it!

Melissa said...

We love ours! So cute and yummy! Thanks sis!

Janean said...

It was so yummy! Thanks for the cute treat. I thought it was so cute I took a picture of it too for future ideas.

Anonymous said...

We are still feasting on it. The vase is sitting on the nightstand to enjoy as a pre-bedtime treat :) Thanks so much!