Thursday, February 26, 2009

Outdoor FUN!!

We got a fun surprise this afternoon...Melissa and Steve came to our house. I knew they were coming but didn't expect them until late and they showed up at 4pm...WOO HOO!! They are heading to St George in the morning for a race.
The sun was out and it was pretty warm so Max wanted to ride his bike and Melissa couldn't resist trying out the "wiggle bike."
She looks awesome, right!! She was having so much fun that she wouldn't let Alex have a turn! He chased her down the street and she still wouldn't get off!! The neighborhood kids thought she was a little crazy!
There is her husband Steve in the background thinking "my wife has gone crazy!!" Actually this is all completely normal behavior for Melissa (she is the "baby" of the family)!!
Max was having a great time and thought it was fun chasing Melissa with his bike.
We made pizzas for dinner and had "skookies" for dessert and then played a few rounds of "Nertz" until it was past bed-time.
I love it when people come to visit and wish Melissa and Steve could have stayed longer!!


Jason said...

I so want to ride that wiggle bike!!!

Janean said...

I love those wiggle bikes! I have wanted to get one for my kids. I loved the warm weather we had the last couple of days until today - it was freezing! What a great surprise to have your sister come early & have more time to spend.

Melissa said...

I'm totally getting myself a wiggle bike! It was the best ever! Thanks again for letting us stay! We had a great time, even though it was so short.