Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Card Club

I joined a card group and tonight was the first meeting. The club has been together for a few years but I just decided to join them. You have a theme and then make cards for however many people are in the group and then get together and exchange them.

The theme was "Happy Birthday" and we met at Samantha's house. The hostess doesn't make a card but gets all the stuff and the idea and then you make your own there. The card we made at her house was the one in the left. It was such a cute card and it was fun to see how different every one's turned out and how much time it took some people (Jen)!!
I had a great time and am really glad that I joined, the girls are hilarious and we laughed really hard. Now I will have cute cards to give out (that is, if I can part with them)!!!

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Janean said...

How fun! That's the problem is party with them. I was in a card club years ago and could not party with the really cute cards and then I held onto them for that "special" moment to use it but they never got used until a few years later. So just give them away!