Monday, February 9, 2009

Putting GREAT advice to use

We had Stake Conference yesterday and so we were home from church at 12pm. Rich helped put chairs away and clean up after so just me and the kids were home. I was trying to read and the kids were in watching TV and playing on the computer. Alexa and Alex were going at it all day long. I would hear them back there and every 2 minutes one of them was yelling at the other etc. I was getting really tired of it and remembered that my friend had given some great advice.
I walked back to the room and grabbed them both by the arms and put them each on a stool in the kitchen. I went and got a piece of paper and pen and told them they could not leave the stool until they had each written 10 things that they liked about each other.

Here is Alexa's list

1. he is very handsome
2. he is a great friend to Maxwell
3. he plays nicely with his friends and family (sometimes)
4. he is very good at building rollercoasters
5. he cheers everyone up when they are sad
6. he is a crazy dancer
7. he has a really funny laugh
8. he is way good at Super Mario
9. he is pretty good at school work
10. he loves all his family members alot

Then she went the extra mile and wrote him a sweet little note about how she is going to try to be nicer to him for my sake!!

Here is Alex's (I don't think he totally understood the assignment)

1. she's a good sister
2. she's nice to me
3. she loves me
4. she helps me
5. plays with me
6. i love her
7. she supports me
8. treats me good
9. she's a good sister
10. she loves me so much

Ok so there is a little repetition there, I told him that he needed to think of some other things because he used the same ones. He said he couldn't think of any and I told him I could name like 20 right there.

Anyway, I think that it is a good thing to do every now and again to help them to remember that they should be treating each other better.


Jennifer said...

I wish Creed could write so I could do this! It is a very good idea, I'll have to keep it in mind for when my kids get older.

Melissa said...

That is cute. A great idea. I hope it helps them out.

Angela said...

Great idea. I wish my kids were old enough to do that when they fight. Definitely keeping it in mind for the future.

Jami said...

Fabulous idea!!! Thanks for sharing :)

Janean said...

Great idea! I might have to try this with Whytli and Adelie next time which won't been too far away - probably within the next hour or so! :)

Tiesha said...

You're such a good mom! Way to go to get them to stop arguing.

Jason said...

What a great idea!!! I am going to have Amy do this about me every so often. Not because she's bad, but because I do so many stupid things I don't want her to forget the few good things there are about me!

Kim and Tyler said...

I cant wait until my kids can write...forget 10 nice things I'm going to make them write an essay! This is such a good idea.