Friday, February 29, 2008

7 unique or interesting things about........ME

This is supposed to be another TAG game but I didn't want to tag the same people over again so I thought I would just post my answers and if anyone reading wants to do the same they can (and hopefully you will cause I think its fun to get to know people better and this is a great way)!

All about Angela

a) My life dream is to go to Australia and go to the Great Barrier Reef and go down in a steel cage to see a Great White shark up close and personal. I have al
ways been fascinated with sharks especially the Great White. I also hear Africa is a pretty great place to view them, I tease Alexa about it cause she gets really mad at me, like I'm going to die or something (I guess she loves me after all)!!!

b) I am obsessed with blogging and checking out other peoples blogs.

c)I am pretty much a Free T-Shirt freak.......I love getting T-Shirts from different places (for free of course). I started running 5k's and other races just for the T-shirts (I guess they aren't free cause you have to pay to race....but that was truly my motivation for starting to run in races). I blame this on my Dad cause he would always bring home T-shirts from work or political ones and we would always fight over them. I am not the only one in family that has this problem either (you know who you are.....Monica)!!!

d) In the Spring, I love to take naps in the car. It is still pretty chilly outside but if it's a sunny day you just park your car facing the sun lay back the seat and have a little snooze in the warm sunshine. I introduced this fun trick of mine to Rich a few Sunday's ago at my mom's house and we slept for 3 hours!! Try it sometime.

e)I am not a morning person at all, I really think that's why I need to work because I don't know what time I would get out of bed if i didn't have somewhere to be. Alexa and Alex get themselves off to school and Max usually sleeps in too. If he is awake before the kids go to school they just bring him in my room and turn on Disney and he watches for awhile. I guess this makes me totally LAZY and I really need to find some motivation to get my butt out of bed!!!

f) Almost ALL of Alexa's friends have cell phones (she's 12) honestly there are only like 2 or 3 other kids that don't. I refuse to give a 12 year old a cell phone and I guess that is unusual. I just don't see the need to give kids extra distractions (like TV, and video games aren't enough). I wish kids would use their imaginations more and I know that it's a different world than it was when I was 12 however I don't think that we as parents have to give in to every desire of our child's hearts. I won't go into all the reasons I don't think kids need cell phones cause that would make for a lengthy post.

g)Wow this was harder than I thought....I'm having a hard time of thinking of one more. I guess growing up with 5 sisters and no brothers is pretty unique. My poor Dad, well actually when we little we probably acted just like boys (or worse) we were really mean to each other. I have a scar on my cheek from the time my sister threw a tap shoe at my face, we always had claw marks up and down our arms, got pulled by the hair down the stairs etc. Also my oldest sister would always tell us huge lies that we all believed (like on Saturday when mom was at the grocery store she would tell us that she flew to Paris to make perfume, or she once convinced me to pierce my ears with a stapler......yeah and of course I tried it). I am glad that we are all a little more mature now and are 'best friends' we still occasionally "take each other down" for old times sake. I love you Melanie, Monica, Amberly, Amy and Melissa.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

JAZZ game

Max, Rich, Norma (Rich's Mom), and Me went to the Jazz game last night. I had to take this shot myself because I don't think Rich fully supports my blogging obsession. We had a good time and Max behaved himself pretty well.
We went with Norma to "Meet the players night" a few months ago and we had all the players sign our hats and basketballs. The only player that wasn't very friendly was D. Williams. Jerry Sloan even smiled at us and chatted a minute. I was trying to hook up Norma with O'Kur......I told him she wanted a hug and he said to meet him after it was over but I think she chickened out!!!! Anyway we both wore our hats last night.
This is the one and only time that we could get Grandma's eyes off the court (and it was half-time of course). She is the biggest JAZZ fan ever. Max kept wanting to play with her cow bell but she had to keep it close in case she needed to use it (which in the first half we didn't hear it much, it was a crappy start to a game that ended really good).
Max was pretty into the game and would clap and throw his hands up in the air. He didn't get the "booing" when the other team was shooting free throws. He would look at me like "what the heck are you booing for?"
GO JAZZ!!!!!

More Jazz Pictures

This is the one and only picture Rich would take for me.......notice Max with his finger in his nose, he pretty much stinks at taking pictures.

We Won the game after being behind until the middle of the third quarter. I was suprised they were able to turn it around. But I was glad cause that makes the ride home easier!!! Just kidding Norma (I have actually never been to a game with her that they have lost, maybe I am a good luck charm and need to go to more games, especially the April 12th game, I think you know the reason!!! FREE T-SHIRTS

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


I got tagged by Shannon so here we go:
1. What is his name?Rich (well technically it's Bernard Rich Cope Jr)
2. How long have you been married? 4 yrs in June
3. How long did you date? 2.5 months then we got engaged and married in June (6mo total)
4. Who eats more sweets? Its me for sure!!! Rich is kind of a health nut (haha)
5. Who said I love you first? I did, because if I wouldn't have we might still be dating, just kidding but he does tend to overthink things so I just got it out of the way!!!
6. Who is taller? Rich, but I can be with the right shoes
7. Who can sing better? I would say our singing abilities are about equal. I sing louder though
8. Who is smarter? I think Rich is smarter.
9. Who does the laundry? I do the laundry
10. Who pays the bills? I pay the bills
11. Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? me
12. Who cooks dinner? well, I am in charge of dinner but we do have cereal a lot so I can't really
call that cooking
13. Who drives? We both like to drive and sometimes we argue about who's going to drive
14. Who is more stubborn? I would say Rich is (but thats only because I am too, its probably equal though he would probably say that I am).
15. Who kissed who first? That is a story thats too long to talk about here, but I guess it was Rich
16. Who asked who out first? I "found" Rich on LDS Singles and emailed him first but he asked me out on our first date.
17. Who proposed? Rich
18. Who wears the pants? Well let's just say we both wear shorts
Now I tag Dani, Sarah and Kellye

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Progress on the Basement

I wish that I would have taken pictures before we got started.......we have come along way to get to this point and there is still quite a bit of work to do but we are getting there. Rich started framing the first part of November with the help of his brother and brother-in-laws. I went to Logan with the kids one weekend and he was like "we should have it all framed when you get back." Well there was like 2 walls framed in the family room and that was it. Do-it-yourself projects tend to be that way though I have found, they take ALOT more time than you plan on. But here we are all framed, sheet rocked, taped and textured. We need to do the windows all the molding and doors then get all the bathroom stuff and prime and paint and get flooring and furnishing (did I forget anything??) that seems like a long list but we will get there. The goal is to have it completely done by Alex's baptism so we can fit both families in the house. I think we have given ourselves plenty of time to get it done. So this is what you see when you walk down the stairs. That is a little storage area for toys and games and stuff like that. We have alot of storage under the stairs and by the furnace for other stuff so I think we will be in pretty good shape that way. I can't wait to get all the stuff out of the garage so we can actually park our cars in there again.
Here is the family room, I can't believe what a mess this makes. I am not looking for ward to cleaning all this up. The picture doesn't really do this room justice it is pretty good sized and we will have plenty of room for everyone. We put speakers in the ceiling and are planning on getting a large flat screen TV for the wall. TOP GUN here we come Dad.
This is a view from the family room into the hallway. Rich built me this archway and it turned out really well. I think it looks really nice.
Here is the bathroom for the kids, Alexa and Alex will have their room down here so we will have a spare room upstairs. There is going to be a stand up shower that's really cool in here and I think I will do it in black and white.
I couldn't get good pictures of the kids rooms, they aren't that big but about the same size as upstairs. This is the view from Alex's room looking into the family room. I will take more photos once we make some more progress. I haven't decided what color to do the family room yet so if you have any ideas leave me a post.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Watching American Idol

Well on Wednesday I was watching Ameican Idol and Max was just in my room playing with Tinkertoys, not really paying attention to the TV, or so I thought. I went to the kitchen to get something and when I came back in the room this is what I found...........he took his little chair and put it on my chair so he could be closer to the TV I guess then he got his sunglasses and the guitar for guitar hero. The guy with dreadlocks had just finished his song and he had a guitar when he was singing so I guess thats where he got the idea. I thought it was so cute that I had to run and get my camera to get some shots.
He thinks he's pretty funny and I have to say I totally agree. Kids take in so much more than we give them credit for.
I guess he's interested in what Randy thinks of his performance, I gave him a perfect score, especially for style (he wouldn't put the glasses on his eyes just on his head).
He was not really singing but I thought this was a cute picture. He does love to pretend to play the guitar and sometimes he will drag me or Alexa in to play guitar hero so he can pretend that he is too. We can never play 2 players because Max won't give up his guitar. I guess he'll learn to share eventually!!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Fun day off school and work

Max loves playing basketball so we went to the Stake Center on Monday to shoot some hoops.

That's my nephew Jake and he is way excited to have a cousin to shoot with
(Alex and Mckenzie were on the stage making up dances).

How cute

He is such a good dribbler, sometimes I can't believe he's only 20 months old!!

Dad and Max doing some bonding, actually Max is giving Dad a few tips.....ha ha

Alexa has a pretty sweet shot herself.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

We had a Fun Day!!

My mom sent us gifts in the mail, the kids all got treats and a stuffed animal and she gave them Spongebob Season 4 Volume 2....they were really excited.

She gave me the 25th anniversary edition of Michael Jackson's THRILLER, whats funny is that she gave me and my sisters the record for Valentines Day (25 years ago) can I really be that old?? That sucks.

We went out to eat at Pizza Factory and Max wouldn't cooperate for a picture so we were silly.

Alexa was embarassed that I was taking pictures but I told her to get used to it since I have this blog I have to document everything so I have something to write about.

Alex got really full from his dinner, he had a fun time

Happy Valentines Day

So last night I took Rich's work badge and went to his work to leave him a suprise for Valentines Day. I hope he likes it. I hope that he's not too embarrased by the giant gorilla but I thought it was cute. I also got him some new running shoes and some treats. I love you babe!!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I LOVE Rich so much. I can't really even express how much. I always tell him that he's the best person I know because that's the only way I can describe how I feel about him. He is such a hard worker and I am so grateful for that (even though I always complain cause I want him to spend more time with me). He is so thoughtful too and we go out on a date almost every week and it's usually him that remembers and plans it. I am grateful that we have Alexa because it makes it tons easier to be able to do this when you have your own babysitter (even though she complains about it sometimes).
Rich has been working on our basement for a few months now and at first I really thought we weren't going to survive the project but now we have hired someone to help out and things will go alot faaster now and for this I am so happy. I can't wait to have more space!!!
Rich I love you very much, thanks so much for all you do for me and the kids!!!

Maxwell is the baby of the family and he is CRAZY!! He is a real boy in every sense of the word. He is obsessed with basketball and loves to wrestle (not always just for play either, ask Alex). He has a mean streak that I am a little worried about. But at the same time he is so friendly, the other day at church there was a man sitting on the couch that we didn't now and Max crawled up on his lap and was just as happy as could be. He has really brought alot of love into our home and we all love him very much.

Alex is my second child and he is a sweetheart. Alex loves rollercoasters so much and is really good at playing basketball. Alex makes me laugh and I love it when he and Max play together nicely. Alex is so creative and is always wanting to make projects (I am not very good at helping him with these projects, I need to hire Shannon to be his artistic leader because I am not good at it).
I love Alex.

Alexa, my oldest and only daughter

Alexa is 12 and she is a great kid. She is so responsible and helpful I don't know what I'd do without her. She has so many talents and qualities that I really admire. She was just in the newspaper last week cause she set up her Uncle Joseph and her school teacher, Ms. Groneman on a blind date and they are getting married in April. She is so thoughtful and polite, sometimes I wonder where she learned this from. I am very thankful for Alexa and this is one of my favorite pictures of her.