Friday, October 9, 2009

Sherwood Hills

It's time again for the annual girls trip to Sherwood Hills. Rich dropped me off at Maddox and he and the kids headed into Logan to hang out with dad.
We ordered and ate and took pictures and had pie!! The food was great and the company was even better!!
I am not sure what Amy and Melissa were laughing about but it was obviously really funny!!
After dinner we headed to Wal Mart promising to make it quick...well a few hours later we were checked out and on our way to check in at Sherwood Hills.
Amy booked the room online and so she went inside to get our keys. For some reason they asked her how many people and she said 7. They ended up charging us an extra $10 per person (I guess the rate was for 2 people...but it was a 2 room suite with 3 beds...big enough to sleep 6 people)...needless to say that made us very angry and Melanie went in to give the lady a piece of her mind...that didn't go too well, she ended up getting all red faced and the lady wouldn't even listen and said that we had to pay the extra money!!!
We ended up just checking in because we really had no other choice. It was a nice room and we had a great time in spite of the rocky start. We wandered around the hotel a bit and snuck into the was totally haunted and we freaked ourselves out really bad!!
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We all got into our pj's and went into the conference room to play "apples to apples." It was a great game and we even got Mel to participate!! We were being really loud and obnoxious and we thought for sure the girl at the front desk was going to come and kick us out...but we figured that she didn't want to deal with "red-face" again...that was the joke of the night. When Mel gets mad her face and neck turn all red!!! Pretty FUNNY!!!!
We watched TV and went to bed pretty late but it ended up being a great night!!!
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In the morning we went to the lobby and gave mom her gifts. Melanie kept "gazing" at Amberly and wanted to take pictures of everyone "gazing" at her...not sure what that was about!!!
Here is the traditional photo in front of the fireplace that we take every year!!!
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We were in the lobby forever trying to decide what to do next. The sun was out, which was weird because it usually snows or at least rains every time we come!!!
We headed back into Logan and went to a few stores and then to Quiznos for lunch! We had a great time and this is one tradition that I hope never dies!!!

***It is actually February 2010 and I am just now narrating this post so I have forgotten alot of funny details from the weekend...I stole this off Melissa's blog because she posted about it after if actually happened!!! Thanks sis!!!!

Some highlights of the weekend:
-Amy "outing" an innocent man for farting in Wal Mart
-Amberly at the gas station, picking up a Red Bull and quoting Baby Mama, "Red Bull Angie" and then laughing hysterically at herself
-Amy walking into the gas station with a sad look on her face after being left alone in the van
-Monica obsessing over the fact that she could have bought a hot chocolate for the price of her refill
-Angela spilling our movie theater popcorn in the van
-Booking a room that sleeps six, but having to pay $10 for each person after two
-Crazy Eye at the front desk
-Red Face (Melanie) trying to reason with Crazy Eye
-Trying to get told we have to pay $10 for a roll-away bed after we just paid and extra $50
-Angela threatening to draw a "ding dong" on the bear statue outside
-Amy doing the Physco theme song when referring to the front desk clerk
-Walking to the door and hearing the Physco theme song, screaming and running to the other end of the room and hiding behind the bed with Amy, Melanie, and Monica
-Peering over the bed at Crazy Eye as she delivers the roll-away bed
-Exploring the hotel and restaurant and seeing a ghost in the restaurant
-Running as fast as we can to our room
-Playing Apples to Apples in the conference room
-Laughing way too hard
-Melanie wanting to gaze at "the special needs" in a photo shoot
-Amy admitting that her breath smelled like butt
-The front desk clerk laughing at us trying to have our photo shoot in front of the fireplace in the lobby
- Krispy Kreme Pumpkin Spice doughnuts that Angela brought

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