Friday, October 2, 2009


Me, Rich and the boys headed to St. George after school to say good-bye to our van. That really isn't the purpose of the trip but that is what we did first.
We sold it to a salvage yard who towed it for us from the mechanic and we have to get all our stuff out of it! After paying off the mechanic we made $40. was such a good van inside and out, just the stupid engine didn't work. I felt pretty sad about it but we figured it wasn't worth it to put all that money into it when it had such high miles and wasn't worth what we would have had to spend. We are now on the hunt for a new ride!

After we said our good-bye's we headed over to pick up Rich's race packet...he is running the St. George marathon for the first time with his sister Janet tomorrow. We met up with her and Todd and ate dinner at Olive Garden and then headed back to the hotel so Rich could get some sleep!!!

We left Alexa home because she didn't want to miss the football game and a party on Saturday. The main reason I agreed to it was because we had to take Rich's car and the three of them in the back seat all squeezed together is a nightmare for EVERYONE!!!!


Shannon said...

What a crappy start to a vacation. I admire you so much for rolling with the punches and deciding that you're still going to have a good time. I'm sorry that you had car trouble, that SUCKS. But getting a new car is fun.

Jen B. said...

Funny how a car kind of becomes a part of us....Sorry for you loss. :(

So fun to buy a new one, if you want a test drive buddy, give me a call!!! I LOVE cars! Good Luck! :)