Saturday, April 26, 2008


My cousin Ryan and his wife Trisha built a new house in Herrimann and after the Tulip Festival we headed up there for a Jazz Party!!! It was so much fun. We had a lot of family there and we ate so much yummy food, it was definitely my kind of party. I also got to see some of my long lost friends Marcus and Brittany and I was really happy to see them again. The game was intense and I am so glad it went our way cause we had some rowdy fans!!! I love spending time with family and friends, it's the best!
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Shannon said...

Go Jazz! I had to work and had to leave my house before the game ended, so I listened to Hots on the radio on the way up, and then as soon as the game was over, Jeff called and gave me the good news. I'm SO glad they won. Only 1 more to go. They'll pull it off.