Saturday, July 24, 2010

Speedy Spaniard

One of these years I am going to hire someone to take pictures of this race for me. It is impossible to get photos because you park at the starting line and then have to get shuttled back when the race is over.

This is the 6th time Rich and I have done this race together and it was a beautiful morning, I was afraid it was going to get really hot toward the end of my run but it was perfect!! I had to go to the bathroom before the race started and while I was in the "honey bucket" doing my business I heard the starting horn blow. I was glad that Rich let me wear his garmin so I would have an accurate time, I just started the time when I was done with the bathroom. It is amazing how much better I can run without music and with a watch to see my pace. I had a really good run.

Rich finished the race 10th overall in 37 min, he was 1st place in his age group. He hopped on the shuttle right after he finished running so he could get the kids and make it back to the park for the awards, they made it just in time! We didn't win any of the raffle prizes but I am sure one of these years we will win the private pool party!!!

I finished in 59 minutes!! Yay for me, I was hoping to be under an hour and I made it. If I wasn't wearing the garmin I wouldn't have pushed myself as hard so I am glad Rich sacrificed and let me wear it, I guess I need my own so we can both have one to wear!!
I was curious to see what my past times for this race have been so I looked it up on runnercard and in 2009 my time was 1 hr 8 min, 2008 was 1 hr 5 min, 2007 was 1 hr 12 min. They didn't have 2006 or 2005 but I think in 2005 I did it in just about an hour. I am glad I was able to cut so much time off, I guess practice pays off!!!

After the awards we headed over to Janean's new store for breakfast with Rich's family and then watched the parade. I am not a huge lover of parades in general and the fiesta days parade is SO LONG and it is always SO HOT!!! We did have some shade this year which made it a little more bearable!

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Kim and Tyler said...

You are a machine!! I seriously dont know how you guys do it!!