Friday, July 16, 2010

MARVIN...the Kitty

We got a new little kitty, Alexa has been wanting one and her friends aunt had some to get rid of so we decided to give it a try! This is a long sad story and I am not going to type it all up so I will just give you the basics. Alexa named the kitty Marvin. He was to be an outside cat and live in the garage.
Alexa got the cat on Sunday night, Rich had a fit and was really upset (I mean really upset, I have never seen him like that), Alexa called her friend to come take the cat back. Rich feels bad and goes to get the cat back on Monday.
It is a cute little runt that limps a little and has goopy eyes (the previous owner ran over his back leg with her car). The neighborhood kids LOVE the kitty. Alexa and Alex stay with their dad for 2 days so I am the one taking care of the kitty. It reminds me of when I was younger and always bringing home stray animals and having tons of kitties (until dad made us drop them off at some random farm).
Saturday Alex and I are at Wal Mart and Alexa is at work, I get a call from Rich telling me the kitty is dead. It was a terrible thing that happened and I felt sick to my stomach. Now sweet Marvin is in heaven and Alex is really excited to be able to see him again and keeps asking me if he will be able to talk to him and what he will look like etc. Alex took it really hard, so did I. I will miss little Marvin. Maybe we will get another kitty, maybe we won't. I will keep you posted!

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