Monday, July 26, 2010

Jump On It and Sub Zero...Great FHE

We decided to check out "Jump On It" in Lindon for family night. Alex has been begging me for months to take him!

The Velcro wall was a hit!! It was pretty hard to jump up high enough for them to actually "stick" themselves on the wall so Rich ended up throwing the boys up and getting them to stick. Max was stuck on there pretty good and he couldn't get himself down...maybe that would be a good "time-out" trick!!!

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Max had fun on the slide while the big kids were jumping!!

Me and Rich just watched and laughed, we had wrist bands so we could have jumped and I kept telling Rich to ( I had a skirt on) but he just sat by me, we are party poopers!!!

I thought this sign that was everywhere was pretty funny!!!
I didn't get the best photos because it was hard to get them all up in the air at the same time but these are pretty good. They had fun and now hopefully that will satisfy Alex for a while!!

After all the jumping the kids needed a treat so we went to Sub Zero at the Provo Mall.
It is just as much fun watching your ice cream get made as it is eating it...ok ALMOST as much fun!! Max got gummy bears in his and was really mad because they were "hard" and he couldn't really even eat them. They froze!!! We had a great time tonight spending time together as a family!!

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