Wednesday, July 28, 2010

BRONZE Swim Meet

Today is Alex's last swim meet!! I am so glad that he was on the swim team this year and hope it is something he will want to do again next summer!!! The meet was in Lehi again at 3pm. Rich, Harrison and Stephanie came to watch along with me, Alexa, Kenzie and Max. His first race was the 50 yard freestyle boys 9-10. There were 4 or 5 heats because there were so many boys in this event. In the program it listed 36 boys (I am not sure if they all showed up but that is a ton of swimmers for this event). His fastest time in this event this year is 50.17. He had the 4th fastest time so I told him before the race that I thought he could win or at least get 2nd because he has improved SO MUCH since the first of the summer! He took second in his heat but I didn't keep very close track of the times in the other heats so I wasn't sure what he placed. They posted the times and he was 2nd overall out of 30 some boys!!! I was SO PROUD!!! Here is Alex right after his swim, still dripping wet!!! We had a few hours to kill before his relay. Mandi Keller came to pick up Alexa and Kenzie to sleep at her house. Rich and Harrison had to get back to work and Steph took off too. Me Alex and Max went shopping for a little while. We went to Target and Ross!! Then we decided to head back to the pool to see how things were going!
Waiting for Alex's race to start!

Alex was the 4th leg of the relay team. When he jumped in the guy in the lane next to him was really far ahead. Alex swam so fast that he ended up catching him and beating him, helping his team take 1st place in the relay!!! I was so proud! I am glad I got it on video!!!

Here's Alex with Max after the relay!!

I was so proud of Alex that I decided to let him choose where he wanted to go for dinner! I was hoping for In-N-Out but he picked Chuckarama.
I called Rich and he met us there! It was fun to hear Alex tell Rich about the relay and to see how proud he was! What a great night!

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Melissa said...

You are incredible Alex! That relay was awesome, I can't believe how fast he is!