Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Well here it is...the annual carnival post!! There isn't much to say except that it was TOO HOT and there was sweat dripping down my back for the first hour we were there! Then finally it cooled off a tiny bit to a bearable temperature!!
Max and Pieper had a blast on all the rides. We get asked alot if they are twins!!!

I took Max and Pieper on the Tilt a Whirl (cause they weren't tall enough to go alone) and Max didn't love it. While the ride was going he said to me: "I don't understand this ride." He said it a few times and I asked him what he meant and he said: "It makes me feel like I wanna puke." I guess he didn't get why that would be considered "fun." I was laughing so hard and I felt the same way!!! Never again!!
Alex disappeared when we got there to go on the big rides so I only saw him for a minute...he had a great time and loved the rides!
On the merry-go-round, the last ride of the night!!!
This is the only time I saw Alexa...we were leaving and heading to get dinner! I got a Navajo Taco and Rich went to Barry's. We met at Hawaiian Shaved Ice cause the kids wanted one! The Duvall's had the same idea! We sat and ate our dinner and snow cones. Janean and her family came while we were there so we talked for a minute with them before calling it a night at 11pm!!!
Can't wait til next year...

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