Thursday, July 22, 2010

My FIRST Rodeo

Jeff and Steph decided to take all their employees and spouses to the Fiesta Days Rodeo tonight. I have never ever been to a rodeo and I wasn't sure what I was getting myself into! It was a super hot day today so I was really thinking it was going to be miserable but it wasn't too bad once we finally got there.
We were told to meet at their house at 7:15pm, we were the first ones there. We waited for about a half hour for everyone to show up and then Pieper and Madison decided they wanted to come. We hadn't had dinner yet so we bought some food and went and found our seats which were thankfully not in the sun!
It was fun watching the different events but it seemed to me like there was alot of "downtime" in between the events and they sure did give all the sponsors their moneys worth...they kept repeating over and over again who the sponsors were, it got a little old after a while!
I had to post this picture of Madison because it was so funny!! Her and Pieper got restless after about a half hour so Jeff took them to get some snacks and it worked for about a minute and then something went wrong and they were both crying and mad. Steph ended up driving them home and coming back!!
We had a good night and I think I will go back again, it was pretty fun!

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