Monday, August 31, 2009

Provo Canyon

We decided to get dinner from Hogi Yogi and take it to the park in Provo to eat and then go for a little hike for our Family Home Evening tonight.
There are some fires burning in Utah and it made the sky really smoky. The sunset was AMAZING!! I wish I had a better camera so I could have captured all the beauty but these are the best I could get!!!
There are trails all over the place and so we just picked the closest one and started going. Max was loving it.
I just couldn't stop looking at the sky. Every few minutes it would just get prettier. I really enjoyed being on the mountain and having such a great view!
We found these rocks and the first thing the kids did is jump up on them and started to pose. Max needed help getting up of course and he is not quite as experienced but he will get the hang of it. Rich was even a good sport and posed with me once!
Just as the sun was finally was incredible!
As we were making our way back down the trail Alex noticed this Tarantula right off the trail. It was SO BIG. Rich thought it was pretty cool and he is the one taking the pictures because I didn't want to get that close. It was so creepy watching it walk up the hillside. I would die if I ever found one of those babies in my house!!
Here are the kids with the Provo Temple in the background (yeah I know you can barely tell, but it is there, I promise)! We had a good time and I think it is fun to be able to do different things as a family. I love hiking and I think everyone had a good time!


Melissa said...

I can't even get over that tarantula - that is so sick!
Fun hike, though. I haven't been on a hike forever.

Jason said...

If I were a betting man(and I am), I would say "good job at stealing pictures of tarantulas off the internet." Everyone knows that they are only that big in the movies.

Owen said...

Max will mash him with his church shoes!

Ace said...

I have a tarantula story that I will share with you one will seriously make you jump out of your seat and dust the heebie-jeebies off of you!

They are gross.