Thursday, August 6, 2009

Funny Stuff

The following are just some funny things that the boys have said in the last few weeks. I am trying to write them down as they happen and then I will just post them every few weeks!!! This is GOOD STUFF!!!

Last night Rich and I were in the kitchen doing the dishes and watching the news. Max was playing with his ball in the living room. Max yells, "hey dad come and join me in here!"

This morning I was leaving for work and Max was watching Spongebob. I went in and told him good-bye. I got to the kitchen and he yelled, "Mom, can I kiss your lips?" Of course I didn't pass up that offer. He is such a sweetheart!

The other day Max was pretty ornery...yeah I know, hard to believe (ha ha ha). I told him no for some reason and he said, "fine, I don't like your dress!" Then later on in the day he was mad about something else and he said, "fine, then I am not your mom!" He meant to say that I was not HIS mom. It was pretty funny and I started laughing and that made him even more upset. Funny stuff!

Michael Jackson died today (June 25th) and we were talking about it in the car on the way home from baseball games. I said, "oh Michael Jackson, the ""King of Pop"" is dead." Alex says, "what?" I say, "the ""King of Pop"" he says, "why do they call him that, does he drink alot of pop?" We all busted out laughing and he felt embarrassed.

We were watching the fireworks at the baseball field and Alex and Max were having a great time...wrestling. They were being pretty loud and obnoxious. Max kept saying to Alex: "come get me, you fool!!"

We were at the Provo pool yesterday and it was time for the "pool check" they make everyone get out for 10 minutes (every hour) while they check for who knows what!! We were all getting out and Max said to Rich: "Dad, who pooed??" I just busted out laughing because last time we were at that pool we had to get out because someone really did poo and there was a log on the edge of the kid pool. Naturally Max just assumed someone had pooped again!!!

Alex called my cell phone to tell me the following: "Somehow when I got in the car a wasp flew into my shorts and stung my butt, twice!!"

We were at the Orem Owlz baseball game and Parker had bought a can of sunflower seeds. He left them on top of the dug out where we were sitting. A girl came over and picked them up. Max said: "Mom, that girl just grabbed Parker's nuts." Alexa and Kenzie busted out laughing and I couldn't help myself, it was so funny!!!

On our drive home from California we were deciding what to eat for dinner and I told the kids we were just going to have bread. They both said they didn't like the bread and didn't want it. I said: "bread is good for your soul." Alex replies: "Oh please, I have no soul." It was hilarious!!!


Amy said...

the 'soul' one is my favorite! your boys are crazy and wonderful!

Ace said...


I am soooooo pathetic, sitting here, feeling sorry for myself for having to miss book club tonight. I imagine you all sitting on comfy couches in your cozy abode, laughing as you take turns telling of all the latest and greatest happenings in everyone's lives, discussing your book choice, eating something mind-blowingly delicious, watching my mother do a jig or two, and missing me like crazy! (am I right?)

I have missed your posts so it was fun to see an update, and what better updates than those which include the 'funny things little people be sayin'!

Your children will treasure these someday.

Sorry again for having to miss tonight.

Love ya-

Jennifer said...

I love the things kids say, they're so cute! Good for you for writing them down.

Melissa said...

You gotta keep those posts coming! They are too funny!