Friday, August 14, 2009

Park City Weekend

For our "family reunion" this year we are all meeting in Park City to stay at a motel for one night...LAME right?? Well I guess you gotta take what you can get!
Me and the kids left in the afternoon and the Harris's were already there so we all hit the pool. It wasn't that warm and it was sprinkling a bit. The pool was half inside and half outside.
We hung out in the outside "hot tub" that was a little cooler than a warm bath. The one inside was scorching hot though so what do you do?? The boys had a great time swimming. Mandi and her friend came to chat with us for a while.
We got changed and hit Walmart while we were waiting for everyone else to get here.

We met up with the rest of our family at Pizza Hut where we enjoyed a delicious meal of pizza, pasta and bread sticks. It was really good and it was on mom and dad, thanks so much!!
After dinner we headed back to the hotel and hit the pool again!!
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All the kids were having a blast swimming and having chicken fights. Brooklyn was loving jumping into the pool making up new tricks.
I took Korver for a little swim but the water wasn't too warm and he didn't last very long.
Here are the all the people who refused to can't see her but Monica is back there somewhere holding a baby...Monica my sister who thought she should have been born a dolphin not swimming...I was shocked!!
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Even more shocking was Melanie joining me, Amy and Melissa for cannonballs into the pool...totally not Melanie's usual behavior!

We had a good night and the next day we did a little shopping and went to "Flippin' Burgers" for lunch. It was a fun place to eat and the BLT I ordered was delicious!! We hit the outlets but it wasn't much fun shopping with all the kids. The shopping wasn't the best but we all got a few things and then decided to call it a day!
We took Amberly home with us to stay for the week. We stopped at IKEA for dinner, just dinner, no shopping. They have good hot dogs and pretty delicious cinnamon rolls!!

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Shannon said...

IKEA has AWESOME mac and cheese. You should try it some time.