Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Alexa's Photo Shoot

The latest photo shoot took place downstairs in her bedroom. I am not sure why she wanted the camera in the shots with her.
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Posted by Picasa
She is 13 years old and just starting 8th grade...I wonder if she will grow out of it or if it will just keep getting better??


Melissa said...

Hopefully it will just keep getting better...it will...because she is only going to get more beautiful. Love it Lex!

Jennifer said...

I hope she doesn't grow it! I love Alexa's photo shoots. She is such a beautiful girl, why should she have a photo shoot every now and then?

Amy said...

why would she grow out of it? you haven't!!!

Jason said...

You can grow out of it?!?!?! I really wish someone would have told me that!!