Wednesday, August 19, 2009

First Day of School

The first day of 8th grade...I can't believe it. I took Alexa to school this morning, she goes at 7:45am.
She looked so stylish and she was pretty excited to go back. I think this year will be really fun for her. She is in Sewing and Public Speaking and I think she will learn a lot. I hope she will be able to get all A's again this year!!!

Alex was ready to go at 8am even though school doesn't start until 8:20. He is starting 4th grade and has a new teacher (again). He always seems to get the new ones.
He is looking forward to school starting and I know he will learn lots. 4th grade is full of projects and stuff and he loves that kind of thing so I think he will have a lot of fun this year! It is nice he just gets himself up and rides his bike to school!!

Max was pretty excited to go back to school too. He thought it was great that he got new school clothes and went to bed pretty good.
I am glad that he gets to go to "Grandma Cope's" school. He is such a smart boy and he learns a lot there. He also gets to play with some of his cousins too and that is always fun!!

I hope this school year will be great for all the kids and that they will all be successful and have tons of fun!!!


Melissa said...

Cute first day of school pictures! You have good kids!

Shannon said...

Alexa looks all grown up in these pictures. I am loving her outfit. All 3 of your kids are so dang cute.