Sunday, August 16, 2009

Fashion Show...School Clothes

I gave the kids all their school clothes today and they were really excited to have a "fashion show" for me!!
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You will notice Alexa posing it up...
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and Alex has pretty much the same pose the whole time!!
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Even Max got in on the action...he was only willing to try on 1 outfit and then he was done but you could tell he could "work" the runway if he wanted to!!

My mom always had "Linda's Loft" for us before school started each year where should would set out stuff like clothes and school supplies and then we would all pick out what we wanted and then we would go to the "check-out" and we would pay her. It was alot of fun and I wish now that I would not have been too lazy to do that for the kids. I guess there is always next year!!


Melissa said...

Oh my! You have the cutest kids! I love Alexa's clothes so much! And I really love how Alex's face is the exact same in all of his pictures! And Max is just a babe!

Jennifer said...

What little cuties you have! Dang you have great taste in clothes and you probrably bought all of them for $50, or something like that! I wish I could be such a good bargain shopper!

Amy said...

same as melissa! your kids kill me with their cuteness. i love all the clothes but i think the scarf outfit is my fave for lexi and the black polo for xander and maxwell bernard is too cool for school.