Thursday, April 9, 2009


The day has finally arrived!!!! Rich got me some "coveted" tickets to WICKED for Christmas. I have been patiently waiting for the day to come and I am SO EXCITED!!! I took the day off work since we got the 2:00pm showing. We stopped at Target first to get a few last minute Easter details.
I knew that this was an event that wouldn't have very many photo ops so I had to take a picture of the sign out in front of the Capital Theater, where the play was.
There were signs that said "NO photography" but that just meant during the show, right?? I snapped a shot of Rich and I...
then got a quick one of the stage before the usher came over and told me "NO pictures" so, they are not very good photos but good enough (at least he didn't make me erase them). Our seats weren't the best, we were three rows from the top but I am not complaining at all!!!

The play was FANTASTIC!!! I have been listening to the music so all of that was familiar, but I really didn't know the story. It was so good and the actresses were amazing!! I was completely surprised by the ending and I really want to see it again! After we went to Outback Steakhouse for dinner and it was really good too! Thanks again Rich for such a great Christmas present, you are the best!

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The Shirley Family said...

I have to agree the play was FANTASTIC!!! I went last Friday and absolutely loved it. I soo want to see it again. We need to plan a time to hang out again.