Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter FUN!!!

This is the first year that we have dyed eggs at our house, we are usually at my parents house. I boiled about 2 dozen eggs and we all participated in the coloring. Alexa was pretty busy texting but she was able to pull herself away long enough to make a few.
Max really had a great time putting stickers on the eggs and dropping them in the colors...he wasn't very gentle and cracked almost all the ones he touched. Alex was taking his sweet time making sure that all his eggs were perfect! He was the one who enjoyed this the most.
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I told Rich to make me an egg, it is the orange one and I guess that is me!!! It was funny that he drew a picture of me, it is pretty light so it makes it hard to see but I was impressed with his creativity (plus that is the one and only egg that he decorated, I feel so special, even though I had to ask him to do it)!!
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The purple polka dot egg was the favorite (it was mine) Alex was pretty jealous of my beautiful egg and he was really trying to out do me.
You can't really tell very well but Max's fingers were all pink from dipping them into the dye. He really did have a fun time.
After the egg mess was cleaned up me and Alex frosted cookies. I just made the "cake cookies" because they are fast and easy and yummy and if you can't have Monica's sugar cookies there is no need to try to substitute them with "wanna be's." I have never really made sugar cookies myself and didn't want to be disappointed if they didn't turn out good!!!

We decided to check out the Orem Owlz egg hunt. It was raining a little bit and we thought they might move it inside but they didn't. It was pretty cold but there weren't a ton of people there.
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They had a few games and then they had the kids divided into age categories and let them loose on the field to collect the eggs. It was a pretty good time and I made Alexa do it which is why she looks SO happy in the picture.
We went to dinner after and then caught "Coraline" at the dollar movie. It was one weird show. It was a great family fun day!!

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Melissa said...

Your eggs are cute! We sure missed you guys for Easter. Can't wait to see you this weekend!