Saturday, April 18, 2009

Second Chance 5K

It is time again for our annual 5K event...The Second Chance 5K. It was a beautiful day for a run.
Most of us have done this race for 5 years, some come and go and for others it was a first. Me, Rich, Alexa, Alex, Harrison, Monica, Amy, Jason, Amberly, Melissa, Brandon, Mandi, and 3 of Mandi's friends all participated.
Rich was FIRST PLACE OVERALL. He finished in 18 minutes (his fasted 5k ever) and they didn't even have the finish line set up yet. My Dad was in charge of pictures and he didn't get there in time either. WAY TO GO RICH!!!
They didn't post official results so I don't have any times but I think this is the right order.
Jason came in next
then Monica
then Melissa and Harrison
me (my time was 32 minutes)
here comes Amy and Alexa
they only started running when they saw the finish line but Amy is pretty pregnant so that is ok
Mandi always walks/jogs with Amberly and they have had some different experiences, some good and some really bad
Amb, Brandon and Mandi (Rich told Amb that he would come find her when he was finished and get her across the finish line). They finished in under an hour which is a record time for them and we were all cheering her on, even the announcer in his megaphone was chanting her name, it was awesome!!
This was Harrison's first 5K ever and he ran fast. He drank alot of water along the way and right after the race and he threw it all up a few minutes after finishing. He loved it though and wants to keep running.
Here is the post race photo...we are all awesome!!!
None of these pictures would be possible if it weren't for our supportive Dad. He is a great sport and always holds everyone's keys and takes pictures for us.
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These are just some random shots. Rich got a $20 gift card to Chili's, a gift certificate for RoadID and free entry into a triathalon for being THE WINNER.
Can't wait for next year!!!


Amy said...

we are awesome!!!

Melissa said...

I love running!

Kellye said...

That looks fun, I am not fooled though. I know it cant be. Good Job everyone. I love the rainbow tube socks. I don't know who #207 is but it looks like she is sitting a little too close to Harrison's puke pile. Maybe one day I will start to like to run and do one of these thingys. Probably not though. I will just live through my kids and have them do it instead. Woo Hoo!