Saturday, April 4, 2009

Provo Half Marathon

We got up around 6:45am and it was snowing pretty good in Spanish Fork, we were all hoping that as we made our way to Provo that it would let up. It did at first but it was 30 degrees...chilly!!
Yes, Melissa and I are CRAZY wearing shorts but she insisted that we wear these awesome long socks (actually hers are awesome mine are just ugly). Me and Rich headed for the starting line and Melissa, Steve and the kids made their way to the first "photo stop."
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Look at that stride!! WOW he runs FAST!!
He was trying to talk to me after he crossed the finish line but his lips were frozen and he couldn't talk very was snowing pretty hard by then.
He finished in 1 hour 26 minutes and 15th overall out of 544 racers. He was 3rd in his age category so he got a medal. He was doing so great the first half of the race and his time was 38 minutes which put him on track to finish in 1 hour 16 minutes which was what he was shooting for (under 1 hour 20 minutes), however the second half of the course was more challenging and it was really windy and cold out by the lake and it slowed him WAY down! He did awesome regardless I think!
Max thought the medal was so cool and he wouldn't put it down so that I could get a good picture!!

Next up, Me and Melissa decided to do the relay so we would only have to run 6.5 miles each. We were trying to decide who would run first and we both wanted to run last so we drew numbers and I lost (thanks Rich, he picked it) so I went first.
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Here I am at the starting line...they placed you in groups according to your pace so I just went right to the back. It was really cold and I was ready to get runing/jogging.
My stride is not near as impressive as Rich's is it? It doesn't even really look like I was running at all.
Here is the big exchange, I had a slap braclet on and when we got to the exchange point I took it off and slapped it on Meliss'a wrist and she was off!!!
Steve said that I finished in 1 hour 5 minutes (which I was hoping for under 1 hour 20) so I was really excited! They didn't keep track of my time just the overall time so I am just going off what Steve said but I was really happy with that time!

Melissa got stuck with the harder part of the course but she had a great time (right sis)??
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She crossed the finish line at 2 hours and 22 minutes. She told me before the race that this was going to be her last because she hates running, I asked her after and she thought she might reconsider, she had a blast!!

We dragged all the kids along with us, we usually leave them home. They were really good sports.

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They did the awards at the Marriot since it was so cold outside and the Utah Valley Thunder players and mascot were there handing out free stuff. The mascot was kind of hanging around us for a while so I decided to take a picture of Max with him. He took my camera and started taking pictres and stuff then he stole Max's blanket and was wearing it like a cape. He thought it was pretty funny. None of us ended up winning any of the raffle prizes but it was a great time for sure!


Ace said...

WOW!! Is all I can say to a SUPER WOMAN like you. Do you even have toenails back yet? You are pretty darn amazing and have inspired me to give running a try again. I ran the 10k last year in spanish fork and my knees hurt like criddley-azy for a good 6 months so I gave it up. I think if I do though, I'm definitely going to need a pair of those socks! Oh, and thanks for the heads up about "5 Guys". Been hearing a lot of buzz about it and wondered if it was worthy of all the excitement. Have any fries left??

Anonymous said...

I am super impressed with you! Way to go!

Melissa said...

We are awesome!