Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Sunday

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We had a little photo shoot after church. I thought the basement would be a great place since the walls totally matched our outfits. We were the "brightest" family at church and got many comments on that. I LOVE bright spring-y colors, they are SO FUN!!
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We made the kids stay downstairs while we hid some treats and their Easter buckets. We don't have that many places for hiding and the kids have TONS of treats already so it wasn't much of a hunt.
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Alexa found Alex's bucket first and thought hers would be close by.
She found hers in the pantry after staring right at it and not seeing it for a minute!
Max found his behind the curtain.
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Alexa got 2 shirts and some kit-kat's, Alex got a Lego thing and Max got a Transformer and some little motorcycles and a coloring book and crayons. I got Rich a football and a Sudoku book (he is really good at it).
We went to the Cope's house to have Easter dinner with Rich's family. It was really yummy and we had a great day.

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Melissa said...

Cute family photos! I love the basement wall backdrop...really cute!