Saturday, January 29, 2011

Midway Ice Castles

We have been in kind of a "rut" when it comes to our weekly dates. Dinner and a movie, dinner and a movie and Target, dinner and a movie etc. You get the picture. I saw this on facebook a few weeks ago and it looked like the perfect way to get us out of our rut!!!

We went to Subway for dinner and then headed up to Midway. There is a man that "grows" these ice castles at the park and they were amazing. The pictures don't quite do it justice and if you get a chance I would recommend taking the quick drive up there and checking it out for yourself. In fact, I think the kids would have really enjoyed it too so that would be a great family night activity! If you want more info go here.

I ended up taking like 70 pictures because I was so amazed at the creations and the different ways ice could form, am I a nerd??
It was FREEZING cold, Rich borrowed a pair of earmuffs (yes they had gloves, earmuffs, ski poles and even sold hot chocolate and homemade cinnamon rolls). We walked around until our toes were frozen.
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It took a long time in the warm car before we were finally able to warm back up. We looked for somewhere in Heber to get some hot chocolate and maybe some dessert but couldn't find anything.

We ended up back in Orem at The Chocolate.
If you haven't tried it GO!!! It was yummy and a fun atmosphere. We were lucky to get a table, it was packed. We shared a cazookie and mint hot chocolate. We stayed and talked for a while and really had a great time!
I felt kind of guilty because Alexa has mentioned that she wanted to go there. I bought some sugar cookies to take home to the kids (they were honestly THE BEST sugar cookies I have EVER tasted)!!! We will be back for sure!!!

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Jennifer said...

Those ice sculptures are awesome! Maybe we'll have to make a trip up there before they melt.

I can't wait until Kynli is old enough to babysit so we can go on dates! I love that you and Rich go every week!