Monday, January 17, 2011

Just Me and Max

Human Rights Day, aka Martin Luther King Jr. Day so there is NO SCHOOL!!! I took Alex to play with Whytli and Alexa wanted to hang out with Josie, Rich was at work, so that left me and Max. I had to run to Target then we had lunch at Max's favorite, McDonald's.

We tried to go see the movie Legend of the Guardians but it was sold out. We decided to go Bowling!!

I paid for 2 games, 2 people, $19.50!! OUCH, no wonder we never go bowling anymore, what the heck??? I remember back in the good ole days...blah blah blah, sorry I am not going to go there but honestly I was a bit surprised!
But look at that face, it was worth every cent!! Max is really good at bowling on the Wii and was really anxious to get started!
That was his first roll and he didn't get a strike, he was like "what the heck?"
Here he is pretty excited because he had only 1 pin left, he didn't get the spare though.
Look at that form, he had the bumpers up and was having fun until I started to warm up and got a few strikes. He was pretty jealous.
This is what his face started to look like in the second game. He did end up getting 2 strikes and that made him a little happier but when he asked me who won he wasn't happy with my answer. I told him that I used to be on a bowling league (yes, I did and I miss it). I told him that when he gets bigger and has more practice he would beat me. He was satisfied with that. Those 2 games flew by (I think we were there for less than an hour). We went to Dollar Tree to pick out a treat and then went home and watched "Iron Giant." It is an old movie but he loved it, come on it has a giant robot in it, why wouldn't he??

We had a great day together and I love it when I get some one on one time with my kiddo's!!

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