Thursday, January 27, 2011

15 Weeks

I have had 3 babies and have never journaled about any of the pregnancies or taken pictures to document the experience. Since this is my last baby (I hope), I thought it would be a good idea to make some memories. Now as you know, Rich is not the best cameraman and Alexa just gets impatient with me so these are self portraits. I did the best I could!!
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I am feeling more like myself the past week or so, that is good news! I can't really remember feeling to bad with any of my other pregnancies but the first part of this one kicked my butt!! I can't complain too much because the record still stands (the last time I threw up was 6th grade). I just really hate being pregnant, I hate to sound like a brat and a complainer but there is really nothing about the experience that I even remotely enjoy. It is cool to feel the first movements of the baby but after that it is just plain annoying! I am being honest here so don't judge me. My oldest sister LOVES being pregnant and I have not been able to figure out why. I am going to try my hardest this time around to find the "joy" in this experience.
I have been trying to figure out why it's been so different this time around, maybe it's because I am so much older now (34) or I am not as tough as I used to be...who knows?? I have always felt really tired the first trimester but this is ridiculous! I was dizzy and had headaches and just felt like I was living in someone else's body. Sometimes I had 2 naps in one day!!
Hopefully it's all uphill from here. I go back to the Dr the first part of February. I am sure there won't be much to report, he will listen to the heartbeat, I will pee on a stick and get weighed (and NO I will not be journaling about that)!!
Why can't it be JULY YET???


McKell said...

Oh my heck Angela, you look so cute! I agree, I did not love being pregnant either. Feeling the baby is probably the coolest thing in the world. BUT as far as the sickness, puking, inability to touch your feet and SLEEP because of the new awkward body shape, etc...not so much!

Shortcake and Company said...

Um..have I told you how excited I am for you yet??? Well, I AM!! So glad you're feeling better. And agree with you on everything too. Being sick and just not feeling like yourself is rough! Hoping you feel more like yourself with each passing day.

Ace said...

Man... I am so glad to hear that you feel "old" at the ripe age of 34!!

When I was carrying Crew, I constantly complained of feeling like my tired decrepit body was falling apart. Every stitch of my being ached!! I honestly don't know how women do it in their 40's, even 50's. Or those 'do-gooder's' who have like 25 children. Dang!

You are looking mighty cute though. And may I remind you that you should thoroughly enjoy those 2-a-day-naps while you can!!!


Jennifer said...

You take great self portraits! I love that you are journaling your experience, and taking pictures. I wish I would have done that, maybe next time (if their is a next time!)

I totally agree with everything you said about being pregnant. I think it sucks and I don't even get sick, I just gain a million pounds!