Saturday, March 26, 2011

Weekend in Logan

We headed up to Logan this weekend and brought Harrison with us. We got to Mom's Friday evening and sat around for a few hours deciding what to have for dinner. We finally decided on El Sol and it was delicious!! We even talked Dave into coming (he claims to hate El Sol) and he said it was really the LAST TIME he would ever eat there!! After that we went back and watched a movie until 3am. Rich went to bed and Alexa went to Melissa's. Saturday morning Rich went on a run and me and Dad went on a "donut run" ours was way funner, I promise!! I CRAVE Shaffer House donuts all the time and I guess it is a good thing that there is NOTHING even comparable to them in the "UC" (Utah County) or else I would literally weigh 400 pounds!! Chocolate Cinnamon Rolls and Maple Bars (I am drooling a little right now)!!! Who's this guy I am posing with??? That would be RICH after I flat ironed his hair!!! His hair is SO LONG now I had to try it!! I like it!! Some of my family didn't even recognize him, they had to do a double take!! We ALL headed downtown to Kenzie, Jake and Brooklyn's piano recital. Monica and I were out in the hall with Max, Owen and Nixon...they are kind of naughty and were too loud, plus there weren't any more seats inside!! We entertained ourselves with Starbursts and taking pictures!! All the Clark kids played wonderfully, they are a talented bunch, I wish I had a piano so my kids could learn!! After the recital we all went to Fredrico's for lunch...also very delicious!!! I love the huge room in back that they have now, the kids played on the stage and were wild hooligans!!! We had a great weekend in Logan and I can't wait til the next trip!!

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