Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patty's Day!!

I had no plans for St. Patrick's Day this year. I woke up today and thought "I am not even going to bother." I was trying to remember what we did last year and realized that we were at Josee Lou's 1st Birthday party and so we did not have a green meal. I decided that I better kick it in gear and bring a little "green" into the day!!
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Seems weird that one minute I wasn't going to do anything and this is what I ended up with (the biggest celebration yet). I made cards for Rich and the kids. Yes, I made them. I colored them and cut and glued and glittered. They were definitely cheesy but they were made with love!
Yes, I know, very cheesy but it's the truth!!! I love Rich and I love that he is my best friend!!
I went for the green pancakes and eggs again because I knew Alexa wasn't going to eat dinner with us and the boys don't like mac n' cheese.
We were pretty rushed because Alex and I had tickets to see "Hairspray" at Hale Center Theater. Actually Rich and I were supposed to go but since I took Alexa to the Jazz game last night Alex was feeling a little left out so Rich sacrificed his ticket. It was a great production and we had a great time. Rich and Max just hung out at home and Alexa slept at her friend Josie's house.

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