Thursday, March 10, 2011

A Small Miracle

Today Rich got home pretty late from work and we were already eating. He came and sat down with a folder that said "Tahitian Noni Benefits." I read it and was confused!!

This is a long and complicated story so I will just sum it up the best I can. A few months ago we thought Rich was going to be hired on as a permanent employee, he has just been a "contract employee" since September, meaning no benefits and not great pay. Well Noni decided they didn't have any more money to put into this "side company" and told them they would be shutdown within a month. WOW, that was a bad day!! Now not only was he not getting hired on permanent but may not have a job at all!!! Well over the next few days investors were found and it looked like things would work out, but still no insurance because it would be a new company and only a few employees.
Then we played the waiting game while things were in the process with the investors and the board at Noni. I was getting anxious because I just wanted to know he would have a job and a steady paycheck. I looked into other options as far as coverage for the baby but it was looking like we did not qualify.

Rich was called into the Director's office today and was told that he was being hired on as a permanent Tahitian Noni Employee and that benefits would start April 1st. WHAT A BLESSING!! The investors are still buying the company but Rich will work for Noni and take care of things for this new company. I still don't understand all the details or the way things happened but I am SO THANKFUL!! I can't tell you how relieved I am to have this burden off my shoulders and know that I can actually have the baby in the hospital and not at home in our bathtub!! Just kidding, that was never really going to happen but I joked about it alot because I was so nervous about how much money it would cost to have a baby with no insurance!

We have been on a rollercoaster ride for 2+ years with Rich's employment and now (knock on wood) we can breathe a little easier knowing things will always work out, it is just never the way you want it to but the way it is supposed to! I know we have learned a lot during this time and hopefully we have learned all there is to know so that it doesn't happen again any time soon, but if it does we will make it, we know we are in good, loving hands.
Ironic though that it was Noni that laid him off in the first place and now he's back there. Not going to lie, it makes me a little uneasy but I know now that we can handle hard things.

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Melissa said...

That is incredible and I may have shed a tear when I read this.