Thursday, April 7, 2011

CHEER Tryouts

The past few days have been very busy for Miss Alexa. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday after school she has had Cheer Workshop, learning a dance and cheers for try-outs!! She has practiced a TON and is very anxious for the actual try-out today!!
Stephanie brought over a Good Luck balloon with Kit Kat's and Reese's (Alexa's favorites), Josie also brought over a balloon with some Peeps and I made the notes with the Extra gum for her to give to her friends for Good Luck!! Some of the other girls had the same thing in mind and she got quite a few "good luck" treats!!

Me and Max picked up Alexa, Josie and Paige from school and drove them down to the High School for the try-out!! Max bought her some cotton candy from the dollar store (another one of her favorites) and drew her a picture, he was really excited to give it to her!!
Max took this picture of them just before they went I have to go home and WAIT IT OUT!! I am very nervous/excited for her!!!

Here is a picture of all the Freshman that tried out, I borrowed this from Alexa's friend!

Alexa got home about 5:30 and was telling me all about the try-out. They put them in groups of 3 or 4 girls and had them "rally on" one at a time and then they all did the dance and band cheer. After everyone was done they called all the Freshman back to do it again together and after that they called Alexa's group in again. She was pretty confident and did the dance great all 3 times!!
NOW WE HAVE TO WAIT UNTIL THEY POST THE RESULTS ON THE CHEER BLOG!! They didn't give them an exact time when the results will be up so we just keep checking every now and then, some girls said it was like 8pm last year so who knows!!
She was doing her homework and decided to check and there it was!! She started screaming that she made it so I ran to the screen to take a look and I saw ALL those names and it looked to me like a list of everyone that tried out so I asked her if she read the top part and she didn't...we hurried and read through it and SHE MADE IT!!! They took all but 3 girls.
She spent the next hour or so on the phone and Face Book letting everyone know that she was a SFHS Cheerleader!!! Rich and I helped her out by texting our families, it was a very exciting night and I am SO PROUD OF HER...
even though that means I am old enough to actually have a child that is going to be in High School!!!

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